Most security teams take an ‘alert-driven' approach to cybersecurity incidents, reacting only after an incident has already taken place. Meanwhile, new threats move in under the radar, leaving you with, literally, a false sense of security. Business is increasingly recognizing the need to proactively hunt out threats lying undiscovered but still active within corporate infrastructures.

What We Offer

Kaspersky Threat Hunting Services help uncover advanced threats hiding inside your organization, using teams of highly qualified and experienced security professionals applying proactive threat hunting techniques. Services include:

  • Kaspersky Managed Protection

    Round-the-clock monitoring and continuous analysis of cyberthreat data by Kaspersky Lab experts.

In Use

  • Upskill PR professionals to new standards in cyber-incident management

    With the emergence and growth of advanced and unknown cyberattacks, corporate communicators need to better understand how to operate securely while managing incidents and forensics. Part of our new benchmark on how to communicate securely with internal and external stakeholders involves ensuring that the severity classification applied to an incident should only ever be capable of downgrade: never of upgrade.

  • Three training modules that can be combined or applied separately

    Kaspersky Advanced Cyber-Incident Reputation Management consists of three modules which can be used together, or can function as stand-alone training, depending on your organization’s specific needs. Each module will equip your corporate communications team with valuable insights into the new benchmark, ranging from an awareness-raising keynote to a complete and tailored solution for your unique communications environment.

  • Tailored training - full day workshop

    This premium service comprises a full-day customized workshop, preparing your corporate comms team to manage communications in the event of an advanced or unknown cyber-incident. This includes a pre-workshop communications audit with the CISO and CCO, which will shape the tailored crisis communications manual insert. Following the workshop, all participants will be subscribed to a 12-month email service which shares insights about new and emerging threats with recommended responses as they emerge.

The Threat

According to recent research, a high proportion of security incidents still go undetected. Relying on automated rules or signature-based detection mechanisms alone, you run the risk of failing to detect:

  • Scan

    Non-malware based attacks

  • Scan

    Attack involving previously unknown tools

  • Scan

    Advanced attacks already at work in your infrastructure

  • Scan

    Attack exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities

  • Scan

    Cyber-espionage activity

  • Scan

    Common patterns across multiple intrusions

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